become an invaluable asset

to a business leader who needs you

- and generate business opportunities along the way

Business Growth – made easy – all you need to do is create your profile

Sit Back – and let the app do the work finding the perfect business contacts for you

Join the Beta – completely FREE!
Get connected & talk to Business Leads who need your expertise

Here’s how conEX supports – connecting you with Business Leaders who need your expertise:


Apply by creating your Expert Account for free


We will check and approve your application within 24 business hours


Once approved, turn on the green light when you’re available to talk.


Sit back and wait for the interested leads to reach out to you

Step #5: When an interested lead reaches out to you through the app...


Have a call directly, through the app, or call your lead back.



Unlock details of the interested lead and reach out via LinkedIn or email.


STEP #6:

Rate the experience of your interaction with the interested lead

All Business Leaders who reach out have an urgent need

They have identified YOU as their ideal expert and actively reached out to you

Which makes them have the highest probability of turning into a business opportunity (in other words: a sale)

No email list required. No Funnels or Sales Letters needed

No hiring an entire marketing team to generate leads for you!

No complicated technology setup!

frequently asked questions

What is required of me when I join the Beta Version?

  • Agree to be online several times a week
  • Agree to utilize the app and be of value to the business leads who reach out
  • Give us Feedback on the functionality of the app

How much time will it take me to test the app?

  • Approximately 10 minutes to create your account
  • You’re in complete control of how long and how often you are available to talk to business leaders who need your expertise
  • Recommendation: Leave the app on whenever you do work where it’s okay to be interrupted by a phone call, f.ex. when driving in your car

What happens when I make a sale?

  • All the business opportunities are yours to keep, we do not ask any commission on sales.

How do you monetize the App?

  • After beta there will be charges per lead (1 credit) and per call (5 credits).
  • Currently the pre-launch packages start at 2.50 USD / credit – you can get them here (subject to availability): Prices will go up after beta.
  • After beta: 3 Membership packages to choose from: Free, Premium at 7 USD / month, Platinum at 20 USD / month.

When do I have to pay?

  • All approved expert accounts come with unlimited free credits to have calls and unlock leads during the beta.
  • After beta you can buy credit packages and choose to stay on the highest membership (platinum at 20 USD / month). We will inform you in due time – there is no credit card required for the beta, so you’re in complete control of if and how you use the paid service.

How long is the free Beta phase?

  • Depending on how many bugs you guys find in the beta, approx. 3 – 6 months.




Just connect - by having a conversation.

As simple as it gets.

Einsteins Rule No 1 of work:
Out of clutter find simplicity

There is a certain majesty in simplicity which is far above all the quaintness of wit. In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.

Albert Einstein